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Still Small Voice
Follows Me
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The Still, Small Voice That Follows is a Christian Children's book for ages 4-9. In The Still, Small Voice That Follows Me, you meet Justin. A little boy who faces many challenges at school, oftentimes feeling bullied and singled out. Justin is only able to overcome these issues with the help of a still, small voice he thinks he is imagining. He soon learns that the calm, reassuring voice is Jesus, letting him know that everything is going to be just fine.

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"The Still, Small Voice That Follows Me" by Dr. Kimberly SIerra is a wonderful and inspiring story of a young boy who learns to deal with adversity through his relationship with God. My wife and I throughly enjoyed the book and thought it was nicely illustrated. We highly recommend it to anyone with children.

Flavel  Blyden

Dr. Kimberly Sierra ushers in God’s Glorious light with this amazing children’s novel “The Still Small Voice that Follows me”. We all need something greater than ourselves to help us along the way. Spiritual upbringing is the foundation of every child’s development and continuous growth. Through the hurdles of Life, our God is limitless and can show us ways to live life and be faithful to his word.

Dawn Dawson- Freeman

This book comes beautifully packaged and can be read by all!!! It doesn’t matter what age you are, it’s a reminder that God is ALWAYS with you!!!

Lavern Oysterman

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